Fundraising and humanitarian aid,

on the blockchain.

For NPOs

(non profit organisations)

Opening opportunities for fundraising, setting up and supporting global payments via cryptocurrency.

For Donors

Simplified giving. A trust-less platform where you can connect with non profits and have complete transparency of how your donations are used.

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A full technical outline of CG

Ensuring every non profit is equipped to accept cryptocurrency payments.

We ensure every nonprofit is equipped to accept cryptocurrency payments by onboarding them to the Polkadot network. This enables them to reach their fundraising goals and receive donations from global supporters seamlessly.

Empowering NPOs with infrastructure for transparent donations and tracked aid delivery.

We are building a dedicated blockchain for encoding nonprofits programs into immutable on-chain tokens, ensuring the trackable delivery of aid.

By integrating every nonprofit into the Polkadot network, we will enable transparent crowdfunding connected to enhanced accountability of donation flows.

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